Service to community (STC) Request 

Cadets realize the value and importance of giving back to the community while performing a minimum of 40 hours of service to the community and/or conservation project activities in groups and on an individual basis. These activities provide additional opportunities for career exploration as well as enhancing community-needs awareness in cadets. If you are looking to request an STC project of the MYCA cadets please complete and return the Service to Community Request Form

request support at your community event!

We are focused on getting our cadets into Montana's communities to support various events and projects. Participating in your community provides: 

Critical Service to Community hours for cadets (a Program requirement).
Opportunities help youth develop awareness of community needs and a sense of belonging to the broader community.
Supports our young people in gaining hands-on work experience.
Provides career exploration opportunities to young people as they evaluate what further education or industry they might pursue after Youth Challenge.
Allows young people to interact with the general public with the goal of sharing about their progress and future goals. 

Since 1999, cadets at the academy have performed more than 209,544 cumulative work-hours in support of service to community projects throughout the state. Calculated at the current minimum wage, they have contributed roughly $2,084,963 to our economy.