MYCA employment opportunities 

Montana Youth Challenge Academy is a residential academic intervention program on the campus of the University of Montana Western for 16-18 year old students who are at risk of high school dropout. Designed by the National Guard Bureau and run through a cooperative agreement between the federal government and the state of Montana, the Academy offers military style structure and discipline along with academic, professional, and life-coping skills students need to become productive citizens. The Academy's staff are professionals from a variety of backgrounds who share a dedication to our mission and who enjoy working in a dynamic, fast-paced, and rewarding environment. 

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Montana Youth Challenge Academy is seeking:
Cadre Instructor

HiSET Tutor

Support Services Supervisor

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Department Descriptions


MYCA is an accredited special purpose school. Challenge teachers are endorsed by the state of Montana in the subject areas that they teach. The curriculum offered by the Academy is structured around the content and skills covered in the HiSET exam, which is aligned with State and Core standards. Teachers focus largely on building student engagement and offering experiential learning opportunities. 


The Admissions Department strives to ensure that all eligible Montana youth are aware of the opportunities available through MYCA. The long-term goal of admissions is to serve as the bridge between Challenge and all Montana communities, to develop and nurture relationships that serve those communities and sustain enrollment numbers that are supportive of the overall mission of MYCA. The Recruiting Plan for the Academy encompasses a wide variety of philosophies and concepts that serve a large audience such as youth, family members, educators, and community centers of influence.


Cadre are integral to the foundation of the Academy. As the largest department within Challenge, the cadre department serves as 24 hour support and structure. The primary responsibilities of the department are safety and security of cadets through direct supervision. The employment of full time and part time cadre employees, covering 3 shifts (days, swings, and mids), provides ample supervision, on-the-spot behavior modification, and additional support to all other departments within MYCA. 


The Counseling Department supports the program's mission in the areas of retention, placement, and communication within the organization, parents, and outside organizations. Counselors work with cadets throughout the Residential Phase, helping them to build better coping skills and adjust to adversity. The MYCA counseling department works closely with High School Counselors and Principals to transfer cadets back to High School. At the conclusion of the program, possible placements will include return to High School, Military, Employment, Vocational Training or other Post-Secondary Schooling. The Counseling Department teaches Core Day classes that address topics such as anger management, conflict resolution, recognizing emotions & stressors, drug, alcohol, & tobacco classes, healthy relationships, and job skills. 

Marketing & Outreach

Marketing & Outreach works collaboratively with all departments (with an emphasis on Admissions) to support the program's mission as the needs of Montana communities continue to evolve. The department focuses on statewide networking with the goal of fostering relationships among these communities while building statewide awareness of the Academy and sharing about the opportunities available to Montana youth. Communication efforts share the Challenge experience and benefits of the Challenge Model of youth development with the families of current cadets, the Program's graduates, stakeholders and supporters, as well as, prospective candidates. Marketing & Outreach takes place on numerous levels to unite the mission of the Academy with those in need of its offerings. 

Post-Residential Department

The Post Residential Department assists in the aftercare of the cadets once they graduate from the Residential Phase.  A common misconception about Challenge is that it's a five month program- the cadets graduate and are finished with the Academy. In reality, the cadets and their parents have committed to a 17 month program, in which the cadets are required to be placed in an educational setting, the work force or the military as well as work with a mentor for 12 months following the Residential Phase. Mentors provide the case managers placement reports each month of the Post Residential Phase (12 months/12 reports) validating the placement status of the cadet. The case managers provide this information to the National Guard Bureau monthly so that the success of the program can be evaluated. These statistics are vital to program funding.

Support Services

The Support Services Department is responsible for all logistical, financial, and administrative support of the Academy. This department works hand in hand with operations to ensure students and staff needs are met in order to ensure overall Academy success. The Manager of Information Systems (MIS), Medical Technician, Supply Technician, and Accountant all report to the Support Services Supervisor. Each role supports the functioning of Challenge and ensures that operational and administrative resources are deployed appropriately.