Students attending Montana Youth Challenge Academy have a variety of extracurricular opportunities to enhance their experience.
Below is a sampling of clubs, classes, and events that have been offered during the Residential Phase in the past:

  • Jobs for Montana's Graduates (JMG) Student Government

  • Climbing Wall

  • Obstacle Course

  • Color Guard

  • Archery

  • Youth Groups

  • Rifle Drill Team

  • Humane Society

  • UMW Sporting Events & Plays

  • Weight-room

  • YMCA access

  • Job Shadowing- Internship program

  • Woodshop

  • Yearbook Class

  • Various Counseling Support Groups

  • Guest Speakers

  • Regional Field Trips

  • Community Garden

  • Religious Services (Bible Studies, Youth Groups, & Church Services)

  • Drivers' Ed. (written test preparation only)