"My son, Hayden, was a graduate of MYCA class 41. He successfully obtained his Montana HiSET while attending MYCA. MYCA challenged Hayden to become the best version of himself. MYCA gave him the confidence and leadership capabilities to deal with adversity and he is successful in his jobs and has enrolled to pursue technical degree in sound engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts in Mesa, Az."

-Seth Decker

"Best program, best decision as a parent & troubled youth. I can’t say enough good things about the staff & sergeants. It wasn’t easy for my son, but taught him respect, self esteem, pride & a new sense of self. I’m forever grateful that this program exists. I’m also so happy to have my son back, I thought I lost him to drugs & poor choices. This mom's heart is full & couldn’t be more proud of his commitment to change. ❤️🙏 Thank you MYC "

-Michelle Zebro Rice

"The Montana Youth Challenge Academy gave me another chance to succeed after giving up on the traditional track of high school. At the age of 16, I was able to learn and utilize military practices that would later be put to use in the adult world as responsibility. At the age of 23 I now own my very own construction company with an amazing future ahead of me.

If you’re afraid to fail than you aren’t thinking the right way! You should always challenge yourself to be better! An occasional break to drink some water and change your socks wouldn’t hurt either, haha... when you get to the Youth Challenge make sure to get as much out of it as you can. It will be well worth it! "

-Kaden Olhausen, Class 29

"Thank you for putting me on the right path. Blessed with amazing staff and friends who were a huge part of my life. A family who cared enough to take me in and teach me how to show compassion, how to buckle down, and most importantly how to get my body and spirit into fighting shape."

-Brennan Armstrong, Class 26

"Class 25 my son graduated. I truly believe it saved his life. Thanks for all your hard work."

-Willy-Virginia Boysun

"Best thing I've done...if I could do it again, I would. I miss the staff, structure, and of course the other cadets. I highly recommend it to anyone who need[s] help or a challenge like I did."

-Marshall Baumgardner, Class 36

"I miss challenge! Best thing I've ever done and accomplished!"

-Shelby Paulson, Class 35