myca'S Covid-19 updates

myca'S OUTLINE OF operational PROCEDURES

Below is an outline of the Academy’s plan to protect students, staff, and the local community. This plan has been formulated with current guidance, and with consideration of our unique circumstance as a residential academic intervention program located on a college campus.

Please note that our plan may be modified due to changes in the operational environment, or directives from state or local public health officials, in reference to the COVID-19. Any modifications to this plan will include input and approval from UMW, Beaverhead County Public Health Department, and the State of Montana.


a. At Acclimation, all candidates and staff will be tested for COVID-19.

b. Ongoing through the Residential Phase, any cadet or staff member who displays symptoms associated with COVID-19 may be tested, if medical professionals deem it necessary.

c. Additional testing of the Company may occur as operationally necessary.


a. Staff will be screened for symptoms, including temperature, every day on arrival to shift. Any staff who display or report symptoms will be immediately sent home.

b. Cadets will be screened twice daily- morning and evening- for symptoms, including temperature.

c. All other individuals entering our facilities will be screened upon arrival.


  1. The Academy will continue to implement a “closed campus” policy:

a. Facility doors will be locked.

b. Visitors will only be allowed with special permission from the Director or Deputy Director, and with risk-mitigation in place.

c. No activities that require cadets to interact close up with the individuals outside the Academy will be scheduled.

  1. Staff, cadets, and any individuals entering our facilities will correctly and consistently wear masks at all times with the following exceptions:

a. While eating,

b. While engaging in daily hygiene activities,

c. While engaging in physical training that is outdoors, when individuals are more than six feet apart.

  1. The Academy will operate with reduced capacity in all facilities to maximize social distancing.

  2. The daily training schedule will incorporate sanitization of common touch surfaces throughout our facilities no fewer than eight times per day.